10 Week Programming Bootcamp With Launch Academy

    November 11 is the first day of class. This is a high intensity program to teach and push the group to become junior software developers, roughly 1 year epxerience in the Ruby on Rails (RoR) world.

    The reason I chose to attend such a program is because it aligns with my goal of building a successful business from scratch. I want to experience the full spectrum of starting and running a business… even to it’s fall. I’ll have to take everything in, for my next business. I was hesitant to drop 10 grand and leave my full time job to this fairytale of a dream and join Launch Academy, where I couldn’t find much information about the process, hire rates, and simply information about the quality of the program compared to Dev Bootcamp and App Academy.

    My fear quickly dissipated when I heard Ben Orenstein talk about these popular bootcamps. He said he noticed trends of these popular bootcamps emerging and though it was great. He mentioned that it really wasn’t the quality of these bootcamps that makes you a great developer, but your own desire to learn and be great. I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist.

    I’m exicted to start on Monday and become a great programmer. I want to be the best of the class and I’ll work hard to make a mark. Cheer for me :D